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Konqi and the KDE community!

Welcome to the KDE Community Wiki! KDE is a world-wide community of software engineers, artists, writers, translators, and creators who are committed to the development and distribution of Free Software. If that sounds like you, you're in the right place!

This is a repository of information for community members and contributors about collaboration on projects and goals. Actual work takes place on

Community Information Hub

Get started learning about and contributing to KDE with some basic information found at these links:

Welcome to KDE
Basic information about KDE.
Current Goals
KDE's goals to focus on as a community
Get Involved
Hub for learning how to contribute. Here you can find resources about issue (bug) reporting, software development, translation, visual design, management, bug triaging, and more.
Policies concerning development of KDE software and community standards in general. Related: Guidelines and How-tos
Upcoming freezes and release dates for KDE's main products.
Information about Akademy, Conferences, Sprints, and other KDE events.
Infrastructure provided for KDE projects such as source control and systems for translators.
Guidelines and How-tos
Guidelines for creating good software and helpful information for contributors that isn't project-specific.
Keynotes and Presentations
Keynotes and presentations given by the KDE community.
Make a living contributing to KDE
How to make a living contributing to KDE.

Community Management and Coordination

These teams help keep the KDE community running smoothly by providing support, administration, and arbitration:

Community Working Group
Helping community members work together
KDE e.V.
Financial and legal administration.
Process for adding existing projects to the KDE family.
Programs for introducing new contributors to KDE. Related: Administration of the mentoring programs
The KDE Network
Representatives of the community who promote KDE globally.
Getting the word out about KDE.
Building and maintaining KDE infrastructure.

Cross-Project Teams

These teams work on areas common across lots of projects, sharing their expertise and working on tasks that individual projects often don't have the resources to manage on their own.


These are pages for specific KDE projects. Not every project or app has a page here; these are simply the ones that contributors found useful for information storage purposes. For a full list of KDE apps, see


These are groups that come together based on shared experiences rather than because they are working on the same thing.