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Guide / convention discussion is the working area for the KDE community. It provides a place for sharing information within the community and coordinating community teams.

This appears clear at first, however, the information communicated will eventually become somewhat static, and then... will have to be moved? to techbase?? and userbase???

If you want to know how to get involved, check out

The community wiki is the collaboration place for the community. It is used for publishing and sharing community-internal information. Work in progress or information targetted at very small groups of people is suitable content for the community wiki. It also acts as a staging area for content which later is moved to techbase or userbase.

Will the history of edits also be transfered to techbase? What of the links to this content from other pages?

Important note for editing the wiki: uses a hierachical namespace. Projects and subcommunities can add their own content under a top-level "directory" name. If you want to add content for a new project or subcommunity please add it under its directory and list it on the front page. Please check carefully if it's already there before adding new content. If you don't find a place and don't want to create a new directory, add your content under the scratchpad namespace

Wiki's provide multiple-inheritance. There is no need to use sub-pages, infact sub-pages create much more work. Instead, use the built in feature of "Categories" If we want teams to collaborate, and each team has a page named the same thing, chances are that the teams should be working together

Most of the content, which currently is at should go to

I continue to argue for just one wiki, I barely know where to start editing things when they are on three sites, I loose the features that a wiki provides --AaronPeterson 06:57, 5 August 2010 (UTC)

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