Akademy Tools

Existing Infrastructure

Akademy Website

The primary website used to promote Akademy and signpost information for Attendees.

  • Built using Drupal, there are a set of re-useable components that we employ year-to-year.

Wiki Pages

Various Wiki pages that we use during an event to pass along information to attendees and volunteers.


An integration of Frab, https://github.com/frab/frab, lightly modified to support LDAP authentication provided by identity.kde.org.

  • Call for Papers workflow management
  • Schedule Publishing
  • Exposes a set of API endpoints, listing talks, speaker and schedule information that we can use for planning and video recording.


A custom PHP application for event registrations. Retains profile information between various KDE events and supports custom questions for individual events.

  • Provides statistical information to organising team
  • Allows us to compare year-to-year statistics in an anonymised fashion.
  • Exposes a set of API endpoints that we use for badge scanning and live metrics events.


An integration of the Fosdem Volunteer Management System, https://github.com/jrial/fosdem-volunteers. Again, we have modified this application to support LDAP authentication provided by identity.kde.org.

Badge Generation Tooling

A set of scripts that will generate PDFs for each attendee, utilising an API endpoint on events.kde.org.

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