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Konqi on promotional work!

What does the Promo team do?

The KDE Promo team works on spreading the good word about the KDE Community, its software, projects, and events. We do that by attending conferences and trade fairs, where we give talks about the latest KDE technologies, show our software to visitors in live demos, and give out some sweet KDE swag.

We also write news articles, release announcements, social media updates, and help with producing visuals, videos, and written content for community websites.

We are in the process of updating the Promo team pages on this wiki to make things easier to find. It's possible that you will see some broken links or outdated content. If that happens, please let us know so we can fix it.

To understand better what we do, take a look at Promo's Long Term Goals.

How you can join our team

🛈 See also: Get Involved/promotion

Joining the team is easy! Just contact us and let us know what you're interested in helping with.

The best way to get in touch is to join one of our communication channels. We have the #kde-promo Libera Chat IRC channel. The kde-promo IRC channel is bridged with Telegram Group and Matrix (Room address: This means that you can join any of the three - IRC channel, Matrix room, Telegram group - and you won't miss anything.

We use the channels listed above for day-to-day communication. For announcements, important discussions and questions, you should join our mailing list and email us at [email protected]. The mailing list is also the place where you can introduce yourself as a new (or returning) contributor.

How to start contributing to KDE Promo

The three most common ways to contribute to KDE Promo include:

1. Following KDE on social media – This is the easiest way to contribute to KDE Promo. Just follow our social media accounts and start sharing the content we post! You can help us reach a new and wider audience by translating our posts into different languages spoken in your community. Of course, you can also craft your own posts about our software and community.

2. Proposing your own idea – See an opportunity to spread KDE that we haven't thought of? Want to get help with making it happen? Let us know by contacting us. We can provide feedback and potentially help you out along the way.

3. Representing KDE at an event – We are always in need of people to represent KDE at conferences, trade shows, local meetups, etc. All you need is a passion for using KDE and the right materials. You provide the passion, we'll provide the rest! Check out this section to download all the material you'll need to give a lecture or host a booth at an event.

Last but not least, find more tasks and things you can do as a new Promo team member!

Useful Promo resources

There are usually many things going on within the Promo team. We use this wiki to store relevant information that can be shared with other community members.

Here is a selection of some useful resources that Promo team members commonly refer to.

  • KDE Promo Workboard - Central place where the Promo team manages all upcoming and ongoing tasks.
  • Social Media Channels – Information about the social media channels we use to distribute news about KDE. Contains outdated content
  • Rules for Social Media - Policies and guidelines that all Promo contributors must follow when posting to official KDE social media accounts.
  • Communication Guidance – Advice on articulating our software brands, describing our underlying technologies, engaging the press, and more. Contains outdated content
  • Promo Material – Links to artwork, logos, banners, mascots, brochures, and other promotional material.

You can also see the overview of all wiki pages in the Promo category.

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