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Konqi and the KDE Logo

Konqi is the mascot of KDE. He is a cheerful green dragon kid. He and his colorful dragon friends are living in KDEvalley of Flossland. This page tells the story about him and his friends. [1]

Looking for their artworks? They can be found on the Promo/Material/Mascots page!

KDEValley's Story

Qt inside

The KDE dragons are cyber creatures. Underneath their scales are Qt hearts and other free software parts. Once upon a time, the dragons were scattered all around Flossland, tending to their own business. Life was simple, and things changed slowly, much slower than what happened in the Proprietaryland across the Belief Ocean.

Kandalf, the mysterious computer scientist wizard

One day, a wizard named Kandalf -- some say he was actually a computer scientist in his pyjama -- traveled to the location of today's KDEValley and decided to stay. Kandalf gathered the dragons to build a town they could not have built alone. [2] Kandalf named the place KDEValley and the dragons began to refer to themselves as the "KDE Dragons". Kandalf worked as the new town's ambassador of the time, communicating with other colonies across the Flossland as well as inviting more dragons to the town. Konqi was the first dragon who joined Kandalf. He worked under Kandalf as his assistant. [3]

Years later, the town of KDEValley began to take shape. Seeing his task completed, Kandalf passed the town to the hands of the dragons and continued on his journey. After Kandalf's departure, Konqi was chosen to be the town's next ambassador. [4]


Konqi is the current ambassador of KDEValley. He is good at building things as well as breaking things, and his reptilian brain cannot keep things tracked when they get really complicated. He travels around Flossland to establish connections between dragon colonies. He also brings messages to Userland across the Professional Ocean.


Konqi's full name is "Konqi the Konqueror" [5], sounds like a formidable Kaiser. He sometimes has these dreams of being a powerful big dragon, too. Was it his past life? [6] He likes to be called just "Konqi", though!


Konqi generally looks like:

  • A green squishy dragon kid.
  • 2 yellow antlers on his head, shaped like letter "K" with the branches pointing outward.
  • Wears a red scarf with a big white letter "K" on it.
  • A few yellow spikes on his tail.


Konqi has a typical personality of his species:

  • Cheerful
  • Easy-going (except when he is not)
  • Open-minded
  • Quick-learner
  • Risky
  • Passionate
  • Forgetful



Katie is the dragon girl who lives next door of Konqi. She speaks for the town's female dragons. Some say she is the girlfriend of Konqi, but she acts more like his younger sister -- the kind who always puts things back on track after the hot-headed brother wrecked the train. [7]


Katie generally looks like:

  • A green squishy dragon girl.
  • 2 pink antlers on her head, shaped like letter "K" with the branches pointing inward.
  • Wears a sleeveless pink one-piece dress with a big pink bow-tie on the back. Underneath that is a long sleeve white one-piece dress.
  • A few pink spikes on her tail.
  • Pink ribbons on her ankle.
  • Katie changes her clothing style every now and then.


Katie seems to be:

  • Intelligent
  • Gentle
  • Well-contained
  • Talkative
  • Thoughtful
  • Careful
  • But when she snaps, she falls back to Konqi's manner. Seems like a common trait of the species.

Other dragons

There are many other KDE dragons in KDEValley. Some dragons lives in their own colonies other than KDEValley. [8] They may have different colors, different antlers and different belongings, but their objective is the same -- to make Flossland a better place. [9]

KDE dragons of different colors, antlers and belongings
KDE dragons of different colors, antlers and belongings


The color of a KDE dragon often reflects their personality. It is believed that their colors were determined by how their eggs were treated during the hatching process. Although possible, a KDE dragon rarely changes their color after they were hatched.


The antler shape of a KDE dragon reflects their most prominent abilities. Some dragons change antlers over the years, others keep their antlers unchanged. In some cases, a KDE dragon can have two different antlers on their head. Generally speaking, the more experienced they are, the larger their antlers become. [10]

  • K antlers: not-specialized
  • A antlers: artists
  • E antlers: engineers
  • F antlers: facilitators
  • S antlers: scientists
  • T antlers: translators
  • U antlers: users
  • W antlers: writers
  • ...and so on.


  1. Obviously, the story here is fictional and the intention is to bring some charm and laughter to the community.
  2. Matthias Ettrich announced KDE in 1996.
  3. In April 1999, Konqi was announced as the new animated assistant to the KDE Help Center. This first version of Konqi is designed by Stefan Spatz, in-used from KDE version 2.x to 4.x.
  4. The community loved Konqi and later he replaced the previous project mascot, Kandalf, from version 3.x onwards.
  5. Konqi was named after Konqueror, KDE's default web browser, which was also at the time KDE's default file manager.
  6. Konqi's design was renewed in 2013 with KDE 5.x. The current version is designed by Tyson Tan.
  7. In March 2001, the creation of KDE community women's group was announced and Katie is the mascot.
  8. There are KDE participants all around the world. Some countries have their local KDE organizations.
  9. There are some KDE projects that have independent development and release schedule.
  10. KDE's cooperation methods include (but are not limited to): artwork, development, documentation, promotion, and translation.