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K3b 2.0

K3b is about to be released: Announcement draft

K3b 2.1

  • Getting rid of KDE3Support classes
  • Porting audio player in CD audio project to QtMultimedia
  • Porting DCOP interfaces to D-BUS
  • Support of KDE Plasma’s global progress bar and removal of K3b’s own progress OSD
  • Support for writing Flash Drive images
  • Spanning data projects over more than one disk
  • DVD subtitle grabbing

Release Procedure

  1. Get releaseme script:
    git clone git://anongit.kde.org/releaseme
    cd releaseme
  2. Edit k3brc file and update version entry.
  3. Run:
    The script fetches sources from git repository, translations from SVN and makes a source package. On success the script creates a source tarball, e.g. k3b-2.0.0.tar.bz2.
  4. Make sure the version in CMakeLists.txt, README, INSTALL is valid.
  5. Test the tarball. Uncompress and build it. In ideal case the compilation should be performed on vanilla environment (without any trace of K3b, minimal requirements with default environment variables etc.). After compilation check if the application runs.
  6. Upload the tarball to the server (Sourceforge).
  7. Add new version to the bug tracker.
  8. Write release announcement and publish it on k3b.org. Update download page.
  9. Send an announcement email to:
  10. Update K3b status on software sites. Following sites needs an update:

Bug Tracker

K3b uses KDE Bugzilla to track bugs. Here you can find all bugs related to K3b.


If you have prepared a patch or just want to contact K3b developers please write to [email protected] mailing list. You can also catch them on #k3b on Freenode.

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