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This is a new page, currently under construction!

This is a concise list of feature proposals. You can see what is being worked on. Interested in developing a killer Amarok feature, but don't know where to start? Here is the place for ideas!

Please set the priorities according to this list: Feature Priority

For the Scope Difficulty, see this list: Feature Scope Difficulty

To add new proposals please use the feature template and then add a link below.

Users: Please submit feature requests to http://bugs.kde.org

Amarok 3

Amarok 2.9

Amarok 2.7

Amarok 2.6

Later releases

Already implemented

Unsorted - later releases, outdated or already implemented

General features


  • More Contextual Information - Aggregate more contextually relevant information from various sources
  • Some ideas for the post 2.1 CV
  • Applet: Album Art View - Some sort of large album art viewer applet, whether it be like CoverFlow or not. Support to toggle between now playing and now selected states
  • Script: Updating IM status with current songs playing for various clients on Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Possibly scripted PodcastProvider for bashpodder.

Services (including scriptable)


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