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Subject : Propositions/ideas for Amarok 2 context view for post 2.1 release.


  • Ability to resize each applet vertically (go Leo go :))
  • Ability to lock some of the applet on the top. So that when we choose to switch from one to the other, the top ones are still visible. When an applet is lock, it goes on the top, and hence the relative button on the bottom toolbar disappear. Each applet should have a locker.
  • Restore a vertical animation between the transition from one to an other applet fro eye candyness (we don't use enough of plasma possibilities in the CV :))
  • Ability to move from one to an other applet by simply hovering the bottom toolbar button

More Applets

  • Vidéo-clip applet DONE : display a list of video-clip relative to the current playing song from youtube, dailymotion and vimeo, and also render the video directly inside the CV
  • applet : concentrate “similar artist”, “similar songs” and “most listened song of the band” in a 3 colomn layout, showing 8 items each. Query the database for each item, if we have locally playable songs, the item is clickable and the action is to append the song(s) to the playlist. Also find a way to display the score of the similarity (Aphex Twin is 85 % similar to Autechre)
  • Meta-Applets or web information applet. Maybe extend the wikipedia applet to query text info from discogs, allmusic,, myspace ?
  • A Cloud label applet : Labelling songs was nice in amarok 1.X but never made it in 2.X. Would be nice to reimplement it with the main interface as a tag cloud applet, similar to the one on the right of dolphin panel when using nepomuk tags.
  • Photos applets : Dynamically (data-enginely) fetch some live photos from flickr and picasa public web album DONE, only from Flickr b/c picasa has not so many picture yet
  • A Cover-bling applet, with a search box. Just display the result of the query in a nice way, with album cover-art for those who like eye candy; If possible implement it without using open-gl but using QGraphicsScene/Plasma only for re-usability (maybe it's already done)

Please consider making this as a view for the collection browser in stead. The context view is a nice thing, but it's just that - context. Not a place to browse your collection :) That said, having coverbling as an alternative view for the Albums applet... :) --Leinir 15:24, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

Ameliorations for the currently existing applet

  • Wikipedia
    • Open link in external browser only for external link ! When the url contains, we stay inside the web widget, and use the same rules to format the text. (done locally, easy to do) DONE
    • Add previous and next icons, so we can navigate in wikipedia and come back to the artist page (as it was done in 1.X) DONE
    • Selecting the language should be permanent and configurable DONE
    • Restore the artist/album/song buttons DONE
    • Use the 'print' view of Wikipedia + a custom CSS, instead of HTML parse hacks that are prone to be broken.
      • Long term: maybe enter a mediawiki bug to have a view that would work well for us. We just want a wikipedia page without the border stuff, without edit links, Amarok probably isn't the only app that would find this handy.
  • Current song
  • Video-Clip
    • Controversial proposal : Add a button to store the video, and add it in the collection... So it will be playable inside amarok at anytime. Technically very easy to do the stream is already downloaded but just not saved. WON'T DO YET
    • Scrolling left right while hovering on the left side / right side, get rid of the scroll area
    • If the playing video is a stream from youtube, dailymotion or vimeo, split the applet and show the info on the right part of the applet ? Or inside the current playing song applet ? Second makes more sense but harder to do.
    • Expand to other web site ? (mega-video,,
    • Toggle video full screen on double click ? DONE
    • Set the image preview as the cover art in the playlist DONE
  • Album
    • Automatically scroll to the playing song album (bug 187011)
    • When a stream is currently playing, it makes no sense to display the song with an empty “artist” tag
  • Lyrics : nothing to change :)
  • Portable media player WON'T DO
    • Only one button for connection/deconnection
    • Display some size infos.
    • Display some more infos if it's an IPOD or MTP device, like battery status, name, nb songs, nb artists etc.

That's all folks :) If you like or don't like, we can discuss about this on amarok irc (nick: Takahani) or on amarok mailing list [email protected]

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