Amarok/Proposals/Playback History:2.0

Playback History Proposal

Amarok should store the playback history of everything played in it. This includes:

  • Local tracks
  • Service tracks (Ampache, MP3tunes)
  • Store tracks (Magnatune)
  • Searched tracks (Seeqpod)
  • Radio & streams
  • Podcasts
  • Videos (local and remote, e.g. youtube)
  • Other

If you can play it, then Amarok should remember that you have played it.

Individual features should include

  • Ask for the last N items that were played.
  • Ask for items played between X and Y.
  • Add & Remove entries
  • Display entries somewhere (as a playlist?)
  • Add as a Bias option for dynamic playlists "25% tracks I have played in the last 2 months" or "tracks I played between X and Y of last year"
  • Scripting methods to access this data, so scripts can make use of it

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