The podcast client application GPodder has an open web service that can be used for podcast discovery as well as subscription and status synchronization.

The API of is available here . It's a RESTfull API using OPML and JSON. can be integrated in Amarok in 2 non-exclusive ways: Internet Service for podcast discovery and a podcast provider to synchronize statuses.

Internet service

The internet service, in it's most basic form will be a podcast directory with search support. However it will also allow the option to log in to to get recommendations and enable the podcast provider.

Podcast provider works with the concept of devices. Amarok would be a new device entry on the service. Syncing subscriptions is done in the server and has to be configured using the website. Though this mechanism Amarok can be synced with gpodder running on an N900 though the cloud.

Some notes regarding the podcast provider implementation:

  • Amarok should check for an already existing Amarok device entry and ask for reuse or create a new one.
  • Subscription changes (ex. podcast added, podcast removed) are, after confirmation (in a single checkbox + OK-button dialog), also applied to the local podcasts.



  • Since Amarok 2.4.1: Basic Podcast Directory (Top Podcast & Top Tags with Top Podcasts of a Tag)
  • Since Amarok 2.5 : Suggestions added in Podcast Directory, first working PodcastProvider (only sending play Actions back to

Future Tasks/Idea

  • add Search via functionality
  • when creating a amarok-hostname device, use new sync api to set up sync with other existing devices
  • synchronize every action (download, every pause action) to and from
  • Synchronize "New" status
  • Convert play actions to amarok bookmarks.

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