Promo/Famous Users of Plasma

This page is for collecting user stories of popular/credible/interesting people and organizations who use Plasma and other KDE software - for future posts, articles and website content.

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Name Location Source statement by them contact comment
ALBA Synchrotron Barcelona, Spain in the article Sergi Blanch-Torné: Controls Software Engineer ALBA is a third-generation synchrotron radiation facility in the Barcelona Synchrotron Park, Spain.
CERN Schwitzerland Needs to be confirmed!N The European Organization for Nuclear Research operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world using

KDE Software.

NASA JPL California, USA screenshots of Plasma 4 in moon landing footage/ emails about interest in Labplot NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses computers powered by Plasma to communicate with it’s spacecraft; such as the Preservance rover.
Weta Digital New Zealand screenshots by Eike a long time ago , their job offers list experience with KDE as a plus
Fox VFX Lab
The Mill snap.png , job offers lists Linux experience as a plus/needed worked on ex. Dr Who, Lion King
Kerala Education Department Kerala, India
Valve (Steam Deck) Washington, USA fauxrassic-park.jpg Valve chose Plasma for the desktop mode of SteamOS, and recommends Manjaro KDE for developers to test their games
DPRK :( Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Red Star OS
NERC’s Space Geodesy Facility East Sussex, UK
Lightstorm Entertainment California USA James Cameron’s special effects company
Colorado Film Italy Kdenlive was used for Honolulu on Italia 1, produced by Colorado Film
Industrial Light & Magic California, USA
Nextcloud? Stuttgart, Germany Carl Schwan (I guess they do)
Blender Institute Amsterdam, Holland there are screenshots… I forgot where Pablo Vazquez, Ton Rosendaal
Bad-Fox Devon, UK Simon Knight Bad-Fox is an award-winning, boutique production company with the sole purpose of helping you put a voice to your unique and enduring message.

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