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KDE is officially using Matrix for collaboration within the community. Matrix is an open protocol and network for decentralized communication. It provides all the features you would expect from a modern chat system: infinite scrollback, file transfer, typing notifications, read receipts, etc. It even provides end-to-end encryption for privacy (for private conversations).

Furthermore, Matrix natively supports bridges to other protocols, such as IRC where KDE also has channels. This means that you can use a Matrix client to join and use IRC channels as if they were Matrix rooms.

Getting Started

See the "Try Matrix" page created by the Matrix Foundation, which has a walk-through of how to start chatting with Matrix.

While registrations on the KDE Matrix homeserver are closed, you can register on any Matrix homeserver and you will be able to talk to anyone using Matrix.

You can pick a homeserver from this list of public homeservers, or you can register directly on the official homeserver.

After registration you may use any Matrix website to log in, but KDE provides an instance of Element Web hosted at that you can use anytime to log in no matter where you registered your account.

To log in to the KDE Matrix Webchat with an account from a different homeserver, use your full instead of your plain username, like so:

You may also use any desktop or mobile Matrix client. KDE provides a Matrix client that you can use called NeoChat.


Here is a list of rooms maintained by the KDE Matrix Team or KDE-adjacent rooms. If your Matrix client supports browsing spaces (like Element) then you can join the KDE Matrix Space which lets you join it's rooms easily.


Name Description
KDE New Contributors Ask questions about contributing to KDE.
KDE Community Share your experience with KDE!


Name Description
Plasma Desktop Find out more about KDE's desktop environment here.
Plasma Mobile Plasma Mobile developers, users and other interested people.


Name Description
Kirigami QML based Convergent User Interface framework.
KWin KWin development channel.
KDE Android KDE software on Android.
Maui Project A free and modular front-end framework for developing user experiences.
KDE Mac KDE software on macOS,.
KDE Windows KDE software on Windows.


Name Description
Debian KDE KDE software on Debian.
Fedora KDE KDE software on Fedora.
Gentoo KDE KDE software on Gentoo.
KaOS KDE software on KaOS.
KDE for FreeBSD KDE software on FreeBSD.
KDE neon KDE Neon development.
KDE neon (Offtopic Room) User support for KDE Neon.
Kubuntu KDE software on Kubuntu.
Kubuntu (Spanish Community) Spanish-speaking community on Kubuntu.
Mageia KDE software on Mageia.
openSUSE KDE KDE software on openSUSE.
Ubuntu Studio Ubuntu Studio development.
Ubuntu Studio Café Off-topic Ubuntu Studio chat.


Name Description
KDE Development KDE developers discuss technical stuff here.
KDE Visual Design Group Visual designers and Graphic artists discuss the look and feel of KDE software here.
KDE Promo The people from the work group that does promotion and communication with the outside world hang out here.
KDE Multimedia KDE Multimedia developers.
KDE www Managing websites and displaying the best the KDE Community has to offer.
KDE Games For the suite of KDE games.
Localization The main localization team for all your translation needs.
KDE Bugsquad The main room for bug reporters, testers and triagers.
Packaging KDE Flatpaks To assist in packaging KDE apps as flatpaks.


Here is a list of individual applications that have their own Matrix rooms:

Name Description
Akonadi The personal information management framework.
Amarok A classic music player.
Artikulate Train your pronunciation!
Basket For discussing the multi-purpose note-taking application.
Calligra Previously known as the KOffice Suite.
Cantor Frontend for mathematical software.
Discover KDE software centre.
Dolphin A file manager and KIO related subjects.
Elisa Simple music player aiming to provide a nice experience for its users.
GCompris Educational software for children.
KDE Connect Connects all your devices.
KDE Partition Manager KDE Partition Manager and KPMcore.
KEXI Manage your databases.
KMyMoney Manage your finances.
KPhotoAlbum Manage your photo collection.
KStars View constellations from your computer.
Kalendar A calendar application using Akonadi to sync with external services.
Kate The advanced plain text editor.
Kdenlive The room where we discuss KDE's professional video editor.
Kirogi Control drones.
Kontact The Akonadi-based PIM suite.
Konversation A user-friendly IRC client.
Latte Dock A dock for the masses.
Marble The map/globe viewer with OpenStreetMap integration.
Okular The most powerful open-source PDF reader.
Partition Manager The official KDE partition manager.
Subtitle Composer The configurable subtitle editor/translator.
Yakuake A fancy drop-down terminal.


KDE Energy Efficiency (KDE Eco)
KDE Accessibility
KDE Goal: It's all about the apps
KDE is Privacy
KDE Quality
KDE Season of Code
KDE Season of Docs
KDE Women
KDE Is Inclusive

Local Communities

Name Description
KDE Russia The local Russia KDE community.
KDE Brazil The local Brazil KDE community.
KDE Brazil l10n Brazilian KDE localization.
KDE Japan The local Japan KDE community.
KDE Netherlands The local Netherlands KDE community.
KDE Belgium The local Belgium KDE community.
KDE Iran The local Iran KDE community.
KDE Portugal The local Portugal KDE community.
KDE China The local China KDE community.
KDE Italia The local Italy KDE community.
KDE Germany The local Germany KDE community.
KDE Greece The local Greece KDE community.
KDE Argentina The local Argentina KDE community.
KDE Spain The local Spain KDE community.
KDE for spanish-speaking users The Spanish-speaking KDE community.
KDE Latin America The local Latin America KDE community.
KDE France The local France KDE community.
KDE francophone The French-speaking KDE community.

Other Questions

You can ask questions related to Matrix over the #kde-matrix-support room. If you need help with the IRC integration in Matrix, see the Matrix/IRC Help page.