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Do you know how to get the word out on the street? Marketing and promotion of KDE is done through a mostly grassroots effort. By being a part of the team, you will be spreading the word of KDE to people that may not otherwise be able to benefit from it.

Communicating with the team

There are multiple ways to get in touch with the KDE Promo team. We have a #kde-promo channel on Matrix or the Libera Chat IRC and a bridged Telegram channel - here we regurarly discuss new ideas and coordinate current projects, events and announcements. You can also use the KDE Promo mailing list (learn about mailing lists). On the KDE-Promo mailing list we discuss the projects and tasks we're working on. Frequently we ask the list for volunteers to help on these things, so getting involved can be as easy as signing up for the list and waiting for someone to ask for help. It's also a great place to ask for feedback and to see if anyone else is willing to help you out when you end up having an idea you'd like to share and make it come into fruition!


The main activities of the project include:

  • Reaching out to the user community to spread word about KDE software. This is done in the form of writing your own blog posts, contributing stories to our main news site (the Dot), and visiting conference events on behalf of KDE just to name a few things. We also create announcement pages, videos and posts on social media about new releases of Plasma, Gear and all other KDE apps.
  • Helping find new KDE contributors. This is another activity that can occur through blog posts or at conferences, but really can occur just about anywhere you decide to talk to someone about KDE. You could start by simply pointing them to the Get Involved with KDE pages you're at right now!
  • We also work on a wide variety of other projects and tasks. We maintain various social media channels such as groups on Mastodon, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We work with other publication groups to get KDE related articles into their magazines and web sites. These are just a few examples and we cover a wide variety of other things - for an overview of our current activities, check out the Phabricator Workboard. If you are interested in helping with one of these tasks or adding some new ones, please contact the KDE Promo team using the links above.

More Information

Please visit the Promo pages of the Community wiki for more information, or sign up for our mailing list. It's a great place to get a feel for all of the things we're working on. If you feel like you would be able help contribute to KDE as part of the Promo team, please don't hesitate to get in touch!