Internet Relay Chat

To communicate with other KDE members over IRC, you will need a way to connect to the freenode IRC network. We suggest Konversation. You can install Konversation using the KDE Discover Software Store or using the command line, which differs based on what Linux distro you're using:

  • Debian/Ubuntu/KDE Neon: sudo apt install konversation
  • Fedora: sudo dnf install konversation
  • openSUSE: sudo zypper install konversation
  • Arch/Antergos/Manjaro: sudo pacman -S install konversation

See the handbook for help in setting up Konversation, although a convenient alternative if you want to get going quickly is freenode's online webchat. You will need to choose a nick (the name you appear on the network as), connect to freenode and join a channel. #kde is a good first channel to join. This is the central channel for users and contributors to communicate, but most teams will have their own channel. A comprehensive list of IRC channels can be found here:

Sysadmin maintains an IRC Bouncer (BNC) for all registered KDE developers

Further details about KDE's use of IRC are in the Infrastructure section

Matrix rooms is another way to chat which has additional features

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