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Konqi is giving a lesson!

The Season of KDE provides an opportunity for people to do mentored projects for KDE. There is a time limit, and a certificate of completion, plus a t-shirt. For more details see the About Season of KDE article, or (for instance) the 2018 announcement on the Dot: Announcing Season of KDE 2018

SoK 2021

Ideas (still in collecting-ideas mode)
Status Reports (none yet, SoK 2021 has not started)

SoK 2020

Status Reports

SoK 2018

Status Reports

SoK 2017 Ideas for SoK 2017

SoK 2016 Ideas for SoK 2016

SoK 2015 Ideas for SoK 2015

SoK 2014

Status Reports

SoK 2013 Ideas for SoK 2013

SoK 2012 Digikam Wallpaper, Digikam Numbering

SoK 2011 Strigi, Calligra , Digikam, KLettres

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