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About Season of KDE

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Season of KDE is an outreach program hosted by the KDE community. The Season of KDE provides an opportunity for people to do mentored projects for KDE. There is a time limit, and a certificate of completion, plus a t-shirt.

Focused on offering an opportunity to anyone (not just enrolled students) contributing to the KDE community, this is a program that is comparable to the well-known Google Summer of Code, with some special differences. A key difference is that SoK projects are not limited to code-focused work, but any that benefit our community. For instance, projects can be about documentation, reports, translation, system administration, web and other types of work as well as code. Each contributor will work with a mentor and within a team that will also help the contributor.


To everything there is a season, and Season of KDE moves around a little in the calendar year. Generally it runs from December to March. Check the announcement page of the current year or the Season of KDE enrollment site for current details.

Timeline: (as an example only)

  • December: Participant and Mentor Application period
  • Beginning of January: Projects announced
  • Early January: SoK work period begins
  • Mid-February: End of work
  • Late February: Results announced
  • End of February: Certificates issued
  • Months later: Merchandise and Swag sent out by courier

Getting Started

Prospective participants should get in touch with us before the application period begins to discuss possible projects. You can connect with us on Matrix, in the #kde-soc room on IRC, in KDE-SoC on Telegram, or through our mailing list. Besides talking to the SoK team, contact the application maintainer and team with whom you want to work.

If you’re looking for project ideas, you can find some on our KDE Season of Code Ideas Page (collected by year). Mentors please add ideas, so that we have a central repository of project ideas for Season of KDE (and even GSoC). Applicants will work with the teams to develop a proposal, and the SoK admin team will help too.

Participants and mentors can apply here once applications open.

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