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This year, 2011, Season of KDE has three participants for Strigi. They will work as a group to improve data analyzers in Strigi. Since the data analyzers are important for all of KDE, especially Dolphin and Nepomuk, this is valuable work.


The students Rovin Bhandari, Ishan Jain, and Akash Pandey are participating. Jos van den Oever is mentoring. Communication is done on this wiki page, #strigi on freenode.org and [email protected] [1].


Here is my tentative timeline for the project :

May 25 to June 3 : ~1.5 weeks

Gather all the relevant information required to begin with the project in the right direction. Divide the work among the three of us. Get familiar with the source code of strigi.

June 4 to June 24 : 3 weeks

Formulate bases of metadata extraction from various filetypes. Implement the same in code.

June 25 to July 15 : 3 weeks

Compare own implementation with the current implementations of strigi. Improve if need be. Add to strigi.

July 16 to August 5 : 3 weeks

Exchange respective patches of code and test rigorously. Give constructive suggestions for improvement.

August 6 to August 19 : 2 weeks

Combine the independent works and write a cumulative patch.

August 20 to August 31 : ~1.5 weeks

Testing and debugging.

post August 31

The work should be over by now and this period would be used for minor tweaking (if need be).

Any comments or suggestions (or edits?) are welcome...

[-Rovin Bhandari]


[TODO by students]

External information and blogs

As a first step towards beginning with the project, I have prepared a formal checkpoints cum todos mindmap : Media:checkpoints_todos.png, which is going to be populated in due course of time by us, the students, under the guidance of our mentor, Jos van den Oever. Please contribute to populating the file; it will help us measure our progress.

[-Rovin Bhandari]

[1] https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/strigi-devel

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