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Brief explanation: The presentation view is a full-screen workplace which you can use to present photos to yourself or your audience. At first glance it is looking like the current slide show, but then it is much more flexible: At any moment, you can access UI components like the map view, the metadata tab, the image properties tab, to access information, assign metadata, or show your audience the location of the picture on OpenStreetMap. You can access an icon view component to change the collection your are currently presenting, or a thumbbar component to switch to a different image.

The main view typically shows one image full screen, but you can zoom; You can also change to a layout that shows four or five images at a time, like images put in a paper album. You can change the order of images presented, and store order and layout (preferably in some XML format). You can load these presentations later, playing them automatically, coming back to the traditional slide show.

Technically, it should be future proof as much as possible (Qt Quick. QGraphicsView. scene graph in the future? Will embed QWidgets though) The job is not to develop any of the components mentioned above, but to avoid that, and reuse the existing digikam components and models. This wiki page is the main page for this project and any updates will be posted here.


Dhruv Patel and Supreet Pal Singh are participants who are developing under mentorship of Marcel Wiesweg.

Current Status

Basic presentation view tool is developed in qml and is up with basic features like play/pause/next/previous buttons, zoom facility, to see images in grid-view to select from album. Work is in progress to add extra features like embedding digiKam's geo-map tool in presentation view and image-metadata editing facility right from presentation view tool.

Screen-shot of Previous Presentation View tool


Reference and downloads

You can get the code entering following commands. It has not been released yet.

git clone git://anongit.kde.org/digikam


cd core/

git checkout -b presentation origin/sok/presentation

you will find presentation view specific code in core/utilities/qmlShow

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