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General Information

Randa Sprint in sprints.kde.org


  • KDE Edu and Teachers Notes
    • Presentation on "Cooperative Learning"
    • Brainstorming for new educational applications based on "Cooperative Learning"
    • How can we introduce teachers in the development process?
      • How to get teaching material for our applications/that make use of our applications?

  • KDE Edu on Windows Notes
    • How to attract contributors to fix runtime or build issues on Windows?
    • Cross compilation on Linux if no license available? Document how to do it?
    • Can we distribute on their market?
    • What will happen with Metro+KDE?

  • KDE Edu on Mobile Notes
    • What projects should be ported?
    • Do we want different versions for the Mobile version?
    • Should they be available for free on the platform markets?
    • Localization issues?
    • How to advertise KDE Edu better in mobile softwares?
    • How to improve app-in purchase like a new translation? Porting GHNS or something else?
    • How to get devices or simulators up and running easily?
    • Common feedback from the appstore reviews?
    • Adding screenshots and few words on the website?
    • How can we lower the barrier to get into mobile tasks?
    • Evaluation: what metrics make a platform more potential than another for KDE Edu?
    • How to make the build simple for various platforms (i.e. helping developer, packagers, and so forth)?
    • Mobile edu logo (less detailed? Getting svgs so that is easier to handle forth and back?)

  • Website Notes
    • State?
    • What's missing?
    • How can we improve it?

  • Plasma Active Notes
    • How can we make sure we are a first citizen on the project?
    • How can we take advantage from it?

  • Quality Notes
    • Code testing coverage?
    • Testing? More collaboration with the Quality team and teachers to test new releases?
    • Documentation of the project, even software architectures?
    • How to get the best code out from not primarily programmers, but scientists?
    • Continous Integration and Jenkins, something missing?

  • Artwork, UI Design, and Usability Notes
    • Do we have something we can do better for attracting such contributors?
    • How can we do this better ourselves when we have a lack of expertise around? What guidelines should we consider?
    • Any lessons learned from previous mobile efforts or from desktop?

  • Qt5 and KDE Frameworks Notes
    • Worth starting?
    • Are there contributors for porting and experimenting?