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KDE EDU on Plasma Active

 *  How can we make sure we are a first citizen on the project? 
  - Touch Friendly
  - Do not care too much on the toolkit
   - Prefer Qt 
    - Prefer QML
     - Prefer Plasma Components + Package
      - Allow different resources (qml files, js, icons, etc) depending on the platform
        so you can fine tune for screen size, touch/nottouch, etc
 * Tablets in retail from MakePlayLive has "free points" as part of their buy, so they can go to "app store"
   and buy stuff

 * Do we really want to ask for "points" for the edu apps?
  - Who gets the money?
   - Discuss?

 * Tablets in retail from MakePlayLive will come with some "basic apps" that are free from scratch,
   devices that are useful after booting them

 * Will try to provide a way for free software apps saying "here's my git repo, build my app"

 * two developer stories for deploying onto the device
  - Pure QML (platform independent code)
  - Mer SDK (sebas says it's really easy) cross compiling

 * For local development you don't need any "extra" requirement, just the libs, make, etc

 * There should not be problems with packages with dependecies to libraries (like we had in ovi store for harmattan)
  - Apps can point to "non official" repositories in the "official" OBS server

 * Lots of plasma qml packages have boilerplate code to load kdeclarative, etc
  - Do something similar to plasmoidviewer
  - For apps that need a C++ bit you need can go "plugin" based

 * App store is working

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