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* New kde edu programs
 * Mula
  - Laszlo's idea
  - Complement of parley to learn a language
  - Lookup words, translations, 
  - UI draft
 * Marco has a few ideas for kids
  - Kids against crow
  - Coloring game
 * Mind mapping tool
  - Literature research oriented
  - Conections between documents
  - Integrate in conquiere?
 * Math app/Extend kbruch?
  - Have 3x = 3
   - Apply operations so user ends up having x = blabla
 * KTouch next
  - Yeah!
  - Working on last big task: Visualizing student progress
  - Should be ready for feature freeze of 4.10
  - There is a small feature missing, not that important
 * Teaching music theory
  - Sandro Andrade was working on something similar

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