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 * Quality
  - Code testing coverage?
   - A bit more difficult because we have UIs that are not easy to fix
    - Analitza core has tests
   - How to get motivated to write tests?
   - We are not in that bad position. Most apps have some tests

  - UI tests
   - [None] of kde apps have no UI tests
    - fregl says LTP is using accessibility (annma was in touch with them)
    - Autopilot-qt from Canonical

  - Static analysis
    - We could ask for Aleix's static analizer to jenkins when it's ready
   - Krazy still has lots of # in some "bugs"
    - Problem is that sometimes people fix krazy introducing new ones
   - Coverity is still pending on Dirk

  - Documentation of the project, even software architectures?
   - High level design document to help starters

  - More collaboration with the Quality team and teachers to test new releases?
   - Easy testing
    - Windows (read Windows' yesterday discussion about the installer)
    - Linux
     - Quality Team already recommends distros that have uptodate packages to easy tests
   - Have a list of 'basic' tests written so you can help the Quality Team test
    - Location:
     - TESTING file in the repo
     - community wiki

  - How to get the best code out from not primarily programmers, but scientists?
   - Review of code in case of the scientists
    - Needs to be communicated, otherwise we can't do much

  - Bugs (bugzilla)
   - We get bugs regularly (which is actually a good thing)
    - We fix them as we can
   - Not doing "bad" in that regard
   - ktouch merge will fix most bugs and some wishes

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