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* Cooperative Learning
 - Presentation by Marco
  - Changing Education Paradigms Video by RSA
  - Students work together
  - Small groups
   - More involvement/Equal participation
   - Increase of interpersonal skills
  - Teacher supervizes
  - Cooperative learning on a PC?
   - 2 to 4 in a single PC
   - Each member has an assigned role
    - Only one has the computer control at a given time
   - Increasing difficulty

 -  Brainstorming for new educational applications based on "Cooperative Learning" 
  - Pairs
   - Add a cooperative mode (tell children to let the next children pass)
   - Start a new harder card set after finishing the current one
  - KGeography, khangman, kanagram
   - Server to send data of which are the "hard" questions
     so we can "sort" the flags on difficulty to help with the increase difficulty stats
     you can even do that per region (French flag is easy in France)
   - Could also be on a local file (statistics gets harder to get right)

 - How can we introduce teachers in the development process?
  - Get "professional" reasoning of why the app does what it does and why works like it does
   - mailing list scary for "teachers"
    - Create forum?
   - language barrier
    - Deployment in brazil did not get any feedback
   - Approach them! Go to schools and knock on the door
    - Listen and do what they want
   - Even better to go universities and knock on the door of teachers (there's ffewer universities than schools)
   - In germany master thesis for teachers could be interesting for to tell them to write an "usability"
     assessment from the programs. We need to reach them
   - Hook up trough Google Code In (program for high school students), we can ask them
     to either:
      * Create data
      * Evaluate how they could use it and suggest improvements
   - Brazilian goverment has some documents evaluating some of the programs in Brazilian, Wagner will translate and
     send to ml
 Brazilian Docs Translation

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