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* [[KDE.org/Staging Setup| Setting up a staging vhost]]
* [[KDE.org/Staging Setup| Setting up a staging vhost]]
* [[KDE.org/Capacity HOWTO| Capacity HOWTO]]
* [[KDE.org/Capacity HOWTO| Capacity HOWTO]]
== Themes ==
* [[KDE.org/Neverland| Neverland]]
==Site Maintainance==
==Site Maintainance==

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KDE hosts a variety of websites, from highly dynamic sites to info, documentationational or promotional sites. Volunteering involves very different aspects ranging from

  • writing content
  • moderating in the forum
  • coordinating announcements
  • staying in contact with KDE developers to be aware of latest changes
  • administering dynamic sites like forum, wikis
  • watching out for spammers in those
  • enhancing functionality of the codebase
  • styling/designing the look of our sites
  • etc etc

The webteam works closely with the promo and the sysadmin team in KDE to make sure KDE has a nice working and nice looking web presence.

Discussion about kde websites

Getting involved


There are a variety of options to get involved. KDE websites use either its own framework (Capacity, see below), or one of the well known frameworks around the web. This includes:

The needs steadily change, and there is always room for coders who are able to contribute HTML, CSS or PHP.

Capacity is about to become deprecated, as the mainsite gets prepared to be moved to WordPress Drupal

Setting up the website on your computer

In order to do any development you will want to have a local version of the websites to test before committing. The instructions how to set it up are here Local Website Setup.

Working with Wordpress on kde.org

Note: this is not reflecting the current state of kde.org but will be helpful once kde.org has been ported to neverland and wordpress. Wordpress Help

Documentation for Capacity

The current default framework for many *.kde.org domains is the /media-framework, aka Capacity. Any documentation about this should go here:


Site Maintainance


The Team

See here

Sub projects

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