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KDE Web Developers Meeting for September 2008

The idea behind this meeting is to determine some future goals for the porting of kde.org and its sub domains over to a CMS system and also on the future of open collaboration services within the KDE online community.


The meeting will be held in the #kde-www IRC channel on Freenode. It is scheduled to start on the 10th October 2008 at 1200 noon GMT. We'll see you there!


Here is a basic list of what we're going to try and cover:

  1. What is the current state of the KDE family of websites?
    1. Outdated/obsolete information - how pervasive?
    2. Copyright issues - no policy on reuse of information and images
    3. Well maintained sites
  2. What obstacles are there that would make improving KDE websites difficult?
    1. Too many scattered sites to maintain. Merge into Techbase and Userbase?
  3. Changing to a CMS system
    1. Which CMS do we use (Possibly Drupal)
    2. Porting content
      1. Method
      2. Obstacles
      3. Re-word content to improve perception of KDE (see: [1])
    3. CMS upgrades and versioning issues
  4. Centralising the management of users, information and services for all parts of the KDE community
    1. Viability
    2. Method
    3. Open Collaboration Services
  5. What roles can be allocated out immediately
  6. Build a list of people wanting to help out
  7. Organise a physical KDE WWW developers meeting
  8. Organise another IRC meeting


The log is available in a separate page, due to it's length ==> Log