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List of all our *.kde.org domains and their Status

Only pages which are maintained in our SVN are listed here, they are located in www/(apps|areas|international|sites).

Sites hosted in SVN

SVN URL maintained checked design action Server git? contact
/apps/cervisia cervisia.kde.org no 2010-08-12 custom archive ktown
/apps/kdesrc-build kdesrc-build.kde.org 2010-08-12 media dotkde yes mpyne
/apps/kmplayer kmplayer.kde.org

(Site is gone)

2010-08-12 media archive gone
/apps/konqueror konqueror.kde.org, www.konqueror.org
2010-08-12 media   ktown
/apps/konsole konsole.kde.org
2010-08-12 media archive/delete

(content goes to userbase)

ktown khindenburg
/apps/kontact kontact.kde.org, www.kontact.org
2010-08-12 media (userbase) (redirect userbase) ktown
/apps/kpdf kpdf.kde.org
2010-08-12 media archive gone
/apps/ksvg svg.kde.org
2010-08-12 media ktown
/areas/docs docs.kde.org yes 2010-08-12 old one immanuel toma
/areas/download download.kde.org
2010-08-12 media ktown
/areas/enterprise enterprise.kde.org
2010-08-12 media ktown
/areas/events events.kde.org yes 2010-08-12 media immanuel
/areas/events/info/conference* akademy*.kde.org
2010-08-12 media immanuel
/areas/extragear extragear.kde.org
2010-08-12 media ktown
/areas/koffice koffice.kde.org, www.koffice.org
2010-08-12 Custom Design (dreamhost)
/areas/l10n l10n.kde.org yes 2009-11-30 media (alien.arcor-so.net) yes Nicolas Ternisien
/areas/pim pim.kde.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/areas/printing printing.kde.org
2009-11-30 media archive ktown
/areas/worldwide worldwide.kde.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/international/brazil br.kde.org
2009-11-30 media immanuel
/international/china www.kdecn.org

(ping timeout)
/international/czechia czechia.kde.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/international/germany de.kde.org
2009-11-30 media jamaica
/international/france fr.kde.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/sites/accessibility accessibility.kde.org
2009-11-30 media migrated jamaica yes
/sites/developer techbase.kde.org
2009-11-30 media immanuel
/sites/edu edu.kde.org
2009-11-30 chihuahua done jamaica Matthias Meßmer
/sites/games games.kde.org
2009-11-30 media UK
2009-11-30 CMS Layout (Drupal) UK
/sites/kbabel kbabel.kde.org
2009-11-30 media (ping timeout)
/sites/kde-ev ev.kde.org, www.kde-ev.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/sites/kdemail www.kdemail.net
2009-11-30 media bluemchen
/sites/kdetalk www.kdetalk.net
2009-11-30 media bluemchen
/sites/kopete kopete.kde.org, has sponsor link...
2009-11-30 media jamaica
/sites/multimedia multimedia.kde.org
2009-11-30 media jamaica
/sites/noatun noatun.kde.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/sites/okular okular.kde.org, www.okular.org
2009-11-30 media jamaica
/sites/quality quality.kde.org
2009-11-30 media ktown
/sites/solaris solaris.kde.org
2009-11-30 media (alien.arcor-so.net)
/sites/usability usability.kde.org
2009-11-30 media (Techbase) jamaica
/sites/women women.kde.org
2009-11-30 media jamaica
/sites/www www.kde.org

chihuahua jamaica
/sites/www-devel www-devel.kde.org

chihuahua jamaica

Sites using Capacity and be no kde.org sites

Site URLs Last Change Maintained? Action Server
ksystemlog ksystemlog.forum-software.org/ 2008.02 minipoulpe.org