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This is our current team along with skills. Feel free to edit it.

Name Nick Skills Special interest
Ingo Malchow neverendingo PHP, HTML, CSS, image creation/manipulation
Ben Cooksley bcooksley php, ruby, python
Emil Sedgh emilsedgh PHP, HTML, CSS, JS
Luca Beltrame einar77 Python, writing
Anne Wilson annew Mediawiki, user-support UserBase, wiki content
Niklas Laxström Nikerabbit PHP, MediaWiki Translate extension, translation
Claus Christensen Claus_chr Translation to Danish UserBase, wiki content
Matthias Meßmer pipesmoker PHP, HTML, CSS, MediaWiki MW templates
Dion Moult Moult PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JS, design
Hans Chen Mogger Design, various tasks, "constructive criticism" KDE Forums
Eugene Trounev it-s Design/Layout, CG/Vectors, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Web 3.0
Sayak Banerjee sayakb PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, image manipulation and design Pink Ponies
Bart Otten BartOtten Design/Layout,PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS Project management, usability
Frédéric Sheedy sheedy PHP, HTML, CSS, Mediawiki