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This is an unfinished article

KDE uses MediaWiki[1] for its wikis at https://userbase.kde.org/, https://techbase.kde.org/, this one and the Brazilian team page at https://br.kde.org/. This page should give you an idea on how they are set up.

This is not intended to give instructions on how to install MediaWiki, you can find extensive documentation on their site. Here we will explain how it is set up on our KDE servers.

The Setup

All wikis share a single codebase. The difference comes through a customized Localsettings.php, which loads the config for each wiki depending on the URL that was requested. Those configs are named according to the wiki, e.g. Localsettings.community.php for this one.

Those files only have configuration options which are dependent on the Domain, like the DB that is used or Domain name. Everything else is configured through either LocalSettings.php or CommonSettings.php


There is a certain order in which the configs are loaded:

  1. includes/DefaultSettings.php
  2. Localsettings.php (here we set those parts that are common to all wikis and which need to be set BEFORE the Domain itself)
  3. Localsettings.XXX.php (Domain dependant settings)
  4. CommonSettings.php (the last settings we want to set, especially extensions we are using)


Our wikis use a custom skin, named Oxygen, which is hosted in svn, see [2]. Lately there is also a new skin in development, called Chihuahua, after the name of the skin from KDE's main site. You can find it in the same repository.