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Hot topics

Marble Maps 1.0 (Android)

Testing Vector OSM

About Marble

Devices and Use Cases

How to become a Marble developer ("Marblehead")

So you are new to Marble development ...


Here you'll get all the information you need to start Marble development:

How to become a Marble Developer

Compiling Marble

Compiling on Linux
Compiling on Windows
Compiling on Maemo
Compiling on MeeGo
Compiling for Plasma Active
Compiling on Mac OS
Compiling for Android
Setting up QtCreator for Marble Development

Packaging Marble

New Marble Modules (future packaging advice)

Here is some advice about how packaging is supposed to happen on the various platforms that are supported.

Packaging for Linux
Packaging for Windows
Packaging for Maemo
Packaging for MeeGo
Packaging for Mac

Programming Coordination

Here are a few links to various issues we are working on:

Marble 2.0 (Long-term goals for a future Marble version)
TODO list
Maemo specific TODO list

Google Summer of Code / ESA SoCIS

Gsoc Students projects 2010
Use of git(orious) for GSOC
GSoC Students' projects 2011
ESA SoCIS 2011 ideas
GSoC Students' projects 2012


Map Translation
UI Translation
GeoDataCoordinates Translation

User Interface

Icon Status

Texture Mapping

Texture Mapping

GeoData Library / KML

The base classes to manipulate geographic data

GeoData Presentation
Use cases for GeoData classes
GeoData API Description
Parsing GeoData
Writing GeoData
Pointer vs. Implicit Share

KML Status
GPX Status

Using GeoData:

Placemarks Management
Review of Model-View use in marble

Geo Graphics View

Overview of the GeoGraphicsView
Interaction between GeoData and GeoGraphicsView

GeoPainter / DGML


Plugin Interfaces

Plugin interfaces

Online Services

List of possible Online Services


Routing Roadmap
Routing Instructions


Winkel III
Robinson projection

A little overview of map projections


Vector Tiling Proposal
Tile Download
Upload to our KDE server

GeoClue / GPS

GeoClue support in Marble

XDG Base Directory Specification

XDG Base Directory Specification

Mapping Coordination

Possible maps we could use:

OSM Vector Map

Goals of the Vector OSM map
Natural Earth Derived Zoom Levels

Satellite Map theme based on Sentinel 2 data

Satellite Map based on Sentinel 2 Data
Creating the Bathymetry for the Sentinel 2 Satellite map

Natural Earth Vector Map

A proposal to use the Natural Earth vector map (outdated)

Tools for Marble

Here are some tools and checks that are performed on marble code:

Marble Open Bugs
Review Board (superceded by Phabricator)
API Docs of libmarblewidget (master branch)
APIDOX reports
Krazy reports


if you want to fix memory leaks, you can run valgrind with:

valgrind --leak-check=full --track-origins=yes --num-callers=30 marble 2>&1 | tee MARBLE_MEMCHECK


Summaries and logs of scheduled Marble meetings can be found on the following pages:

Marble Weekend Sprint, Nov. 5-7 2010
Marble sprint 2012


Marble Technical pages