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Live Protocol from the 2nd Marble sprint in Prague. Saturday, 2012-10-20

Legend T: task I: information S: suggestion


 *  I: __Server__ needed for satellite tiles, routing data, osm vector data 
   * I: Format/data need of osm vector data yet unknown 
   * I: current routing data is about 30 GB, RAM > 2 GB would be ideal for conversion 
 *  I: No existing KDE server available, __funding__ needed 
   * T: Approach KDE e.v. and ask for funding to get started 
   * T: Ask community for funding (permanent possibility, e.g.  donations via the website, optional payed (donate) versions of mobile apps) 
   * T: Determine organizational needs of funding (own account? sub-account of KDE e.v. possible?) 
   * I: OsGEO might be an alternative as well
 * PR/Marketing: How to make users and developers aware of Marble?
   * I: Communications with people on fairs suggests that Marble is still quite unknown
   * I: Articles (e.g. ct, ix), more presence on fairs would help
   * T: Redo the front page, update wikis (wikipedia openstreetmap)
     * I: kde-edu website is not ideal for our purpose (too much distraction in the header)
     * S: Place content on and keep only kde edu specific parts on
   * T: Low hanging fruits: Open .kmz, .gpx
   * T: Different user-agent strings for mobile versions
   * T: Generate a list of papercuts (and fix them)


 * Marble + Automotive: Online at [[1]]
 * OpenGL: Current state in github opengl branch
 * Foursquare: Current state in sok-2012 branch, to be merged
 * InterGeo
 * Satellites Plugin

Events / Student Programs

 * Student Programs
   * GCI 2012
     * I: Rules changed. No more money for students, task length always 2 hours
     * T: Move junior jobs wiki page to separate issues in
     * T: Collect ideas as issues in
   * Socis 2012
     * I: Nearly finished, great results
   * GSOC 2013
 * I: Feature Freeze (soft: 2012-10-25, hard: 2012-11-08)
   * T: Merge branches
 * Fairs/Events


 * Use Case: Partial Map Import/Export
   * e.g. storing the visible region of the map shape in an odf file and opening it on a different system without Internet access
   * S: Possible implementation: Tile pyramid, .kml creation, merge into .kmz file. Remark: Not easy to implement
   * S: Possible alternative: Tile pyramid, store tiles with odf file, insert tiles into local cache on opening .odf again
 * Notification of all data being loaded/available
   * e.g. to create a snapshot, print a map
   * S: as a workaround (hack) one could monitor the download queue to become empty (this approach has obvious problems)
 * Data
   * GPS Data Model
     * T: Proper representation of tracks with timestamps, speed, accuracy in KML
     * T: Export of tracks to .gpx (keeping all useful information from GPS devices)
   * API for Vector Model
   * Shapefiles (shp)
   * Access to GeoData Model
   * KMZ
   * Importing Data
 * Tiles
   * Threaded TileLoading
   * Blending Extension
   * Embedding Tiles into Document
 * Layers
   * Interactive Layers
   * Layers in CreateMap Wizard
 * Runners
 * Rendering
   * Vector Rendering
   * Render on Done
   * OpenGL
 * Marble Clock (Timers!)
 * Android, Mobile support
 * Docs + Examples
 * Build System
   * Feature summary in cmake runs
   * Option to build examples
 * Coding Style
 * Use Cases: Travel
 * Search
   * "Around" vs. global
 * OverviewMap
   * not only planet wide but also local overview

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