Packaging Marble

Here is some advice about how packaging is supposed to happen on the mac platform.


Configure Marble with:

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=release -DWITH_KF5=FALSE -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/Applications/ ../marble
These are the outdated instructions for the now unmaintained Qt4-based version of Marble. Please consider contributing and updating these instructions to the Qt5-based version.

To generate a Diskimage (.dmg) one can use this script (based on parts by Tim Sutton, thanks!):

function deploy_file() {
	for n in $(otool -L $1 | grep -E \(Qt\|phonon\)); do
		path=`echo $n | grep -E \(Qt\|phonon\)`
	    if [ $path ] ; then
	    	name=$(basename $path)
	for framework in $FRAMEWORKS ; do
		install_name_tool -change \
			$LOCAL_LIB_PATH/$framework.framework/Versions/4/$framework \
			@executable_path/../Frameworks/$framework.framework/Versions/4/$framework \
function deploy_plugins() {
	find $1/Contents/MacOS/resources/plugins -iname *.so | while read plugin; do
		deploy_file $plugin
function set_bundle_display_options() {
	osascript <<-EOF
    tell application "Finder"
        set f to POSIX file ("${1}" as string) as alias
        tell folder f
            tell container window
                set toolbar visible to false
                set statusbar visible to false
                set current view to icon view
                delay 1 -- sync
                set the bounds to {20, 50, 300, 400}
            end tell
            delay 1 -- sync
            set icon size of the icon view options of container window to 64
            set arrangement of the icon view options of container window to not arranged
            set position of item "Applications" to {100,150}
            set position of item "" to {280, 150}
            set background picture of the icon view options of container window to file "background.jpg" of folder "Pictures"
            set the bounds of the container window to {0, 0, 300, 400}
            update without registering applications
            delay 5 -- sync
        end tell
        delay 5 -- sync
    end tell
function create_symlinks() {
	cd "$1/Contents/Resources"
	ln -s "../MacOS/resources/data/"    "data"
	ln -s "../MacOS/resources/plugins/" "plugins"
	cd -
rm ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME}
hdiutil create -size 250m -fs HFS+ -volname ${VOLNAME} ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME}
# Mount the disk image
hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME}
# Obtain device information
DEVS=$(hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME} | cut -f 1)
DEV=$(echo $DEVS | cut -f 1 -d ' ')
VOLUME=$(mount |grep ${DEV} | cut -f 3 -d ' ')
# copy in the application bundle
cp -Rp /Applications/${APPNAME}.app ${VOLUME}/${APPNAME}.app
# fix the libs
macdeployqt ${VOLUME}/${APPNAME}.app
create_symlinks ${VOLUME}/${APPNAME}.app
deploy_file "${VOLUME}/${APPNAME}.app/Contents/MacOS/lib/libmarblewidget.13.dylib"
deploy_plugins ${VOLUME}/${APPNAME}.app

# copy the translations
cp -r marble/tools/translations/lang ${VOLUME}/${APPNAME}.app/Contents/MacOS/resources/data

# copy in background image
mkdir -p ${VOLUME}/Pictures
cp marble/install_mac/marble_mac.jpg ${VOLUME}/Pictures/background.jpg
# symlink applications
ln -s /Applications/ ${VOLUME}/Applications
set_bundle_display_options ${VOLUME}
mv ${VOLUME}/Pictures ${VOLUME}/.Pictures
# Unmount the disk image
hdiutil detach $DEV
# Convert the disk image to read-only
hdiutil convert ~/Desktop/${DMGNAME} -format UDBZ -o ~/Desktop/${COMPRESSEDDMGNAME}

It uses the macdeployqt tool which copies Qt and its plugins into the App Bundle. macdeployqt also tells the main application to link against the libs contained in the bundle, instead of the system libs. This does not happen to the libmarblewidget and the Marble plugins, so it has to be done by the script. The script also sets a background Image for the dmg. (Place it at ~/Desktop/marble-dmg-background.png or change the path in the script)

After that you should have Marble-version.dmg on you Desktop.

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