Goals/Sustainable Software

Software has an impact on our future. It has an affect on energy and resource usage. KDE can deliver software which does this in a way which preserves environment and society for us and future generations. KDE can deliver Sustainable Software.

This goal is about promoting sustainable software in KDE by (i) aligning existing activities, (ii) highlighting where our software is already sustainably designed, (iii) stimulating actions to increase sustainability, and (iv) creating standards/tools to quantify software sustainability.

What is happening?

There already are some activities in the context of the KDE Eco umbrella project. We measure energy efficiency of software in the FOSS Energy Efficiency Project (FEEP). We got the Blue Angel eco certification for Okular. We help others to also meet criteria for sustainable software with the be4foss project.

What is planned?

We want to highlight where KDE software already is sustainable. We want to measure energy efficiency for more KDE software. We want to improve our contribution to overall software sustainability. We want to play our part in the transitions necessary to sustain our environment for us and future generations.

We will break this down to concrete actions and set up a way to track progress. This is happening in the next couple of weeks. We will track progress on a GitLab board.

Join us

The topic of sustainable software is relevant for all KDE applications and developers. We would be more than happy if you join us to contribute to this goal. There are a lot of small things we all can do to make progress.

Join us on the [email protected] mailing list and the energy-efficiency chat on Matrix. Ask your questions and post your ideas there.

Also feel free to contact the goal champion Cornelius Schumacher <[email protected]>, if you would like to get started without posting to the public channels right away.

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