SoK/2024/StatusReport/Sarthak Negi

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Testing and development of KEcoLab

Introduction and Abstract: Sustainability is a key goal for KDE over the next two years. One aspect of this goal is to measure the energy consumption of KDE softwares. To do this, it is necessary to access lab in KDAB, Berlin, which can be done remotely using KEcoLab.

1. Testing KEcoLab & bug squashing
2. Integrating measurement workflow in Okular repository
3. Create tests for KEcolab
4. Measuring in Wayland

Weekly Progress

WEEK 1 - 2:

1. Established Selenium on three virtual machines (Kubuntu, Fedora, Ubuntu) for testing  
2. Conducted thorough KecoLab testing, identifying and reporting bugs to enhance its quality. 
3. Proactive communication was initiated with the Okular team for pipeline integration and with 
   KdeEcoTest contributors regarding Wayland support timelines. 
4. Resolved the dynamic IP issue for Power meter access, streamlining testing processes.

Week 3:

1. Off Semester Exams

Week 4 - 5

1. Start creating a CI-test for kEcoLab.
2. Discuss the implementation through mentors and discussed with community.
3. Create a draft of merge request and asked for feedback.
4. Started work on blog.

Week 6 - 8

1. Work on hardcoding the name to `org.kde.kate`.
2. Identify areas with code duplication and research refactoring techniques to consolidate them.
3. Implement the pipeline.

Week 9 - 10

1. Completed the blog and get reviewed by the mentors.
2. Explore the project's potential for future development and identify areas for improvement.

Week 11 - 12

1. Worked on the reviews given by mentor for blog
2. Read my blog.
3. See the merge request for more details.