SoK/2024/StatusReport/Amartya Chakraborty

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Adding Windows support for KdeEcoTest

Introduction and Abstract: Sustainability is a key goal for KDE over the next two years. One aspect of this goal is to measure the energy consumption of KDE softwares. deliverables:
1. Extending KdeEcoTest to Windows platform
2. Testing it with GCompris on Windows

Weekly Progress

WEEK 1 : Understanding the codebase, and doccumenting the pywin32 functions to be used.
WEEK 2 : Planning and co-ordinating the development for cross-platform support.
WEEK 3 : Adding the window mangement functions for windows platform to KdeEcoTest.
WEEK 4 : Adding Input mangement functions for keyboard and mouse actions on windows platform to KdeEcoTest.
WEEK 5 : Preparing Installation guide and updating documentation.
WEEK 6 : Creating test scripts for testing on okular.
WEEK 7 : Adding support for simulating key-combinations during execution of test scripts.
WEEK 8-9 : Testing and debugging.