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Improving KdeEcoTest's funcionalities and compatibility

Making way for Wayland in KdeEcoTest

Mentors: Emmanuel Charruau and Joseph P. De Veaugh-Geiss

Project Abstract:

Measuring the energy consumption of KDE software is a vital task in achieving the sustainability goal. This is done by running the software and executing repetitive actions that simulate human use. KdeEcoTest is a tool used for building and testing standard usage scenario scripts which simulate human use. During this season of KDE, I would like to work on improving KdeEcoTest and improve its compatibility.


  • Make KdeEcoTest compatible on Wayland systems.
  • Replicate okular test using KdeEcoTest


Week 1-2:

  • Added a platform abstraction layer which makes it easy to implement platform specific routines. [1].
  • Improved kdotool's functionalities so that it could be utilized for KdeEcoTest KWin handlers. [2]
  • Added uinput backend for pynput python module (pynput) for controlling and listening for mouse and keyboard events using libevdev [3].
  • Added KWin handlers which enables KdeEcoTest to function on KWin compositor (both X11 and Wayland). This has also been merged with the development branch [4].

Week 2-6:

  • Testing and Debugging.
  • Testing KdeEcoTest on other linux distros and on Kde Neon.
  • Documented and Updated the installation guide for KdeEcoTest.

Week 6-10:

  • Working on replicating the okular test script using KdeEcoTest (still in progress).
  • Testing and Debugging.