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Selenium testing and user videos.

Introduction and Abstract: With selenium we can move forward with Sustainability and Accessibility goal of KDE. This project aims to improve selenium and write more tests with it.

1. Improving selenium user guide + videos, rooms, blogs for new comers.
2. Writing selenium based tests for several of KDE applications.

Weekly Progress

WEEK 1 : Testing the selenium setup guide on various distros and update it accordingly.
WEEK 2 : Published a new wiki page with updated steps so that its more accessible. Here
WEEK 3 : Started making selenium setup videos with constant feedbacks.Also started documenting tests written with xdotools (Okular) so that we can write similar tests with selenium.
WEEK 4 : Made video on Setting up Selenium on KDE neon. Started working on the blog
WEEK 5-6 : Started making video on intro to selenium with constant feedback from mentors
WEEK 7-8 : Made video on using accerciser utility for discovering accessibility elements.
WEEK 9-10 : Made a video about writing tests and complete the intro to selenium video.
WEEK 11-12 : Completed all the videos and published the blog. You can find the blog here](