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== Important information ==
== Important information ==
* [[Calligra/Schedules/Freezes|The meaning of freezes]]
* [[/Freezes|The meaning of freezes]]
* [[Calligra/Schedules/KOffice/Release_Blockers|All about the release blockers]]
* [[/Release_Blockers|All about the release blockers]]
== 2.4 ==
== 2.4 ==

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During the development of KOffice, the team sets goals in features, and dates for upcoming releases. This help to know when to concentrate on features, bug fixing, cleaning, brainstorming, this also allow for an external person to know what to expect and when.

All information and plans must be taken with caution and are subject to changes without notices, decisions are taken on the [email protected] mailing list.

Important information






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