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See also: Feature Plan, Quality Control

Status: released


Hard-freeze, September, 1th 2010

Hard-freeze will start on September, Wednesday 1th 2010. After hard-freeze, no new feature can be added, only bug fixes are accepted. Strings can still be modified until String freeze.

String-freeze, September, 22th 2010

The date for string freeze, at which points it is not allowed to change or add strings, without prior agreement with l10n team.

Code-freeze, October, 15th 2010

The date for code freeze, at which points only compilation fixes and reviewed patches are allowed on trunk, and then on branch 2.3.


Beta 1

  • Tagging on September, 8th 2010
  • Release on September, 15th 2010

Beta 2

  • Tagging on October, 1st 2010
  • Release on October, 6th 2010

Beta 3

  • Tagging on October, 22rd 2010
  • Release on October, 27th 2010

Beta 4

  • Tagging on November, 12rd 2010
  • Release on November, 16th 2010

Release Candidate


  • Tagging on December, 3rd 2010
  • Release on December, 8th 2010

Final release and maintenance schedule


Should be released about four weeks after RC1 when all blockers are fixed.

  • Tagging on December, 24th 2010
  • Release on December, 31st 2010


  • Tagging on January, 14th 2011
  • Release on January, 19th 2011


  • Tagging on February, 14th 2011
  • Release on February, 19th 2011


  • Tagging on March, 1th 2011
  • Release on March, 1th 2011

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