Calligra/Schedules/KOffice/2.1/Feature Plan

This is a list of planned features for KOffice 2.1.


  • todo => not started yet
  • in-progress => started, but not completed yet
  • done => completed


Status Description Contact
in-progress Move CTL colorspace in a plugin, with XML description for color spaces Cyrille Berger
in-progress add config dialogs to kopageapp Thorsten Zachmann
in-progress improve create path tool as described in bug 195897 Jan Hambrecht
todo create shapes with the defined color/background Thorsten Zachmann
in-progress create a page layout dialog for kopageapp Fredy Yanardi


Status Description Contact
in progress Change tracking for text insert/delete/formating Pierre Stirnweiss
todo Correct east asian language statistics for KWord Fredy Yanardi
in progress Tables support Table Feature Plan C. Boemann and Elvis Stansvik


Status Description Contact


Status Description Contact
in-progress Video shape C. Boemann
in-progress Performance improvements sidebar Thorsten Zachmann
todo improved slide background handling Thorsten Zachmann
todo autohide cursor during presentation Thorsten Zachmann
done canvas bigger than page Thorsten Zachmann


Note: Kexi is not part of KOffice 2.1

Status Description Contact
in-progress Forms Designer and Form View as in 1.x Jstaniek
in-progress Data Table View Jstaniek


Status Description Contact


Status Description Contact


Status Description Contact
in-progress Have Shiva-based generators/filters Cyrille Berger
in-progress All drawing tools should be recorded Cyrille Berger
todo Create tutorial from recorded actions Cyrille Berger
in-progress Dyna tool LukasT
in-progress Spray brush LukasT
in-progress Deform brush LukasT
planning Merge dynamic brush concept in normal brush and in libpaintop Cyrille Berger
todo flake mode for shape tools Sven Langkamp
in-progress move choosers to model/view Sven Langkamp
in-progress load/save paintop presets and paintop chooser Sven Langkamp
todo path tool option widgets Sven Langkamp
in-progress new tile engine Dmitry Kazakov
in-progress 3D Brush & infinite canvas LukasT


Status Description Contact
done Have filter effects Cyrille Berger
todo function to resize page to current drawing Jan Hambrecht
done pdf import filter Jan Hambrecht


Status Description Contact
done Implement KPlatoWork facilitating work flow control Dag Andersen
2.2 Genetics based resource constraint scheduling (libRCPS) Robert Lemmen
2.2 Improve resource breakdown structure Dag Andersen
done iCalendar export filter Dag Andersen
done Gantt based resource assignment view Dag Andersen
done Insert project file Dag Andersen
done Startup / wellcome page Dag Andersen


Status Description Contact
in-progress Formula rendering and editing Jeremias Epperlein


Status Description Contact
todo Add more custom shapes Thorsten Zachmann
in-progress Connection tool - working well but functionnalities are missing Jean-Nicolas Artaud

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