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Plasma is the desktop developed by the KDE community. Version 6 of Plasma is being developed, built and shipped on top of Qt 6.

Further details for Plasma 6 can be found on the Wiki, a current list of open bugs at Bugzilla.

Purpose of this page

This page contains the release schedule for previous and future versions of KDEs Plasma 6.

The schedule may be subject to change for several reasons:

  • if the quality of a major component is not deemed good enough
  • if the release of the required KDE Frameworks version is delayed
  • if the required Qt version is delayed
  • important bugfixes or security issues

All deadlines are due midday UTC, but if you are a developer and need a few more hours (e.g. for an important bugfix), please notify someone from the release team.

Release mangler: Jonathan Esk-Riddell


Plasma 6 is currently in active development for new and improved features as well as for bugfixes.

Release frequency and bugfix policy

Releases of new versions are planned every 4 months (3 times a year) initially. Once distros agree stability has been found we can move to 2 releases a year [1]

Normal releases will stop receiving bugfixes as soon as the following release is available. The exception to this rule are LTS releases:

LTS releases

No scheduled LTS releases yet. If distributions find LTS releases useful, we will schedule those in close cooperation with the corresponding distributions.

Releases Cycle

  • Repo and Soft Feature Freeze: On the Thursday two weeks before beta is repo and soft feature freeze. List of git repositories fixed and major features merged.
  • Beta version and string/hard feature freeze: Thursday following the corresponding KDE Frameworks release (which is usually released on the second saturday of a month).
  • One week after beta release we'll try a beta test day where we encourage everyone to install and test the beta.
  • .0 tagged on Thursday three weeks after the Beta, released on following Tuesday
  • Bugfix tags/releases are made on Tuesdays in a Fibonacci sequence of weeks (1, 1, 2, 3, 5)


Plasma Version Qt Version KDE Frameworks Version
6.0 6.6 6.0 - additionally Plasma 6.0 depends on Gear 24.02 for libkexiv2
6.1 6.6 (or 6.7?) - ToBeDecided 6.2

Future releases

The schedule is also available at:

Version Post release Version Type Tar Date Release Date Comments
6.0.5 Bugfix Release Tue 2024-05-21
6.0.90 6.1.80 Beta Tue 2024-05-23 Plasma/6.1 branched
6.1.0 Release Thu 2024-06-13 Tue 2024-06-18
6.1.1 Bugfix Release Tue 2024-06-25

History of releases

6.0 series
Version Type Release Date Comments
5.80.0 (Plasma 6.0 Alpha) Alpha Wed 2023-11-08 Plasma Release Notes, Megarelease Announcement
5.90.0 (Plasma 6.0 Beta 1) Beta Wed 2023-11-29 Megarelease Announcement
5.91.0 (Plasma 6.0 Beta 2) Beta Wed 2023-12-20 Megarelease Announcement
5.92.0 (Plasma 6.0 Release Candidate 1) Release Candidate Wed 2024-01-10 Megarelease Announcement
5.93.0 (Plasma 6.0 Release Candidate 2) Release Candidate Wed 2024-01-31
6.0 Feature Release Wed 2024-02-28 Public release of Plasma 6.0
6.0.1 Bugfix Release Tue 2024-03-05
6.0.2 Bugfix Release Tue 2024-03-12
6.0.3 Bugfix Release Tue 2024-03-26
6.0.4 Bugfix Release Tue 2024-04-16