Plasma/Plasma 6.0 Release notes

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This page will be primarily of interest to packagers who want to package Plasma 6 for their distro. For user- and developer-facing information, see Plasma 6 info.

Plasma 6 Beta 1 Notes

Required Qt Version

Plasma 6 requires Qt 6.6.

If you are planning to ship Plasma 6 with Qt 6.6.1, make sure to backport, which fixes

New Tars

  • kglobalacceld
  • ocean-sound-theme
  • plasma5support

Tars Moved From Frameworks

These will now follow the Plasma releases and version numbers

Note: the v5.90.0 tag is incorrect on the moved repos as that version was previously used in Frameworks

  • plasma-activities (renamed from kactivities)
  • plasma-activities-stats (renamed from kactivities-stats)
  • libplasma (renamed from plasma-framework)
  • kwayland

Tars Moved From KDE Gear

This needs to be re-versioned to the lower 6.0

  • print-manager

Tars Moved From Independent Releases

  • wacomtablet

Dropped Tars

  • khotkeys
  • ksysguard
  • plasma-bigscreen
  • plank-player
  • aura-browser
  • plasma-remotecontrollers

We would welcome maintenance of Plasma Bigscreen to port it to Qt 6

Renamed Tars

kgamma5 is now kgamma

Tars that need Qt5 and Qt6 build

  • kwayland
  • plasma-integration
  • breeze
  • oxygen

Qt 5 only

  • kwayland-integration remains Qt 5 only as its features have been moved into kwindowsystem, this is still released and should still be packaged for compatibility with Qt 5 apps.

Dependencies which need new versions

KDE bits

  • Phonon and Phonon-vlc - needs Phonon 4.12 and Phonon-vlc 0.1 which build for both Qt 5 and 6 at the same time
  • libqaccessibilityclient - needs 0.6.0 for Qt 6 (Qt 5 builds can be dropped)
  • kuserfeedback - Qt 6 version is part of Frameworks
  • kirigami-addons - needs 0.11.75 built for Qt 6
  • polkit-qt-1 - needs new version built twice for Qt 5 and 6 - Use 0.200.0 release
  • plasma-wayland-protocols - use latest release 1.12.0

External Bits


AppStream 1.0 is required for Qt support. It has been officially released since November 11, 2023.

In addition, note that this release will no longer honor legacy metadata locations, including /usr/share/app-info/(xml|xmls) and /var/lib/app-info/(xml|xmls). If your distro is currently storing metadata in one of these locations, it needs to be moved to /usr/share/swcatalog/xml or /var/lib/swcatalog/xml. Icons also need to move. See for more information.

If this migration is not performed, Discover in Plasma 6 will not be able to see any of your distro's apps.

Everything else

New recommended packages to pre-install

  • xwaylandvideobridge - while not a strict dependency, this allows for Screensharing XWayland apps in a Wayland session

New required PAM configuration

To enable simultaneous password+fingerprint authentication on the lock screen, PAM configuration files need to be adjusted. The TL;DR version is to just copy the GNOME/GDM ones, which will now work for KDE's lock screen too. See for details.


Please review the Frameworks/6.0_Release_notes for coinstallability with KDE Frameworks 5. Distros can ship both KF5 and KF6 versions of Plasma Framework, the KF5 version should be built to not have clashing files.

  • plasma-framework: -DBUILD_DESKTOPTHEMES=OFF