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Plasma is the desktop developed by the KDE community. Version 6 of Plasma is being developed, built and shipped on top of Qt 6.

Further details for Plasma 6 can be found on the Wiki, a current list of open bugs at Bugzilla.


Work for porting Plasma and KDE Frameworks based on Qt 6 is currently the focus of the development. If you're able to help, please have a look at the Phabricator Boards for KDE Frameworks 6 and Plasma 6.

You can keep track of the progress of porting Frameworks, Gear and Plasma to Qt 6. Note: That page is generated automatically from source code data. Please also note that not all projects listed on that page need to have a release based on Qt 6 before the first version of Plasma 6 can be released. The projects not using Qt 6 by the time of the first Plasma 6 release will simply ship the Qt 5 version.


  • Plasma 6.0 will depend on Qt 6.6 and Frameworks 6.0 (and Gear 24.02 for libkexiv2)
  • Initially releases will be 3 times a year as with Plasma 5
  • Once distros agree stability has been found we can move to 2 releases a year [1]
  • 6.0 will be a coordinated "mega" release together with KDE Frameworks and KDE Gear [2].
  • No scheduled LTS releases yet but those will come when distros find them useful

Future releases

Version Type Release Date Comments
5.91.0 (Plasma 6.0 Beta 2) Beta Wed 2023-12-20
5.92.0 (Plasma 6.0 Release Candidate 1) Release Candidate Wed 2024-01-10 Create Plasma/6.0
5.93.0 (Plasma 6.0 Release Candidate 2) Release Candidate Wed 2024-01-31
6.0.0 Private Tarball Release Wed 2024-02-21 Final tag from Plasma/6.0 branch, only urgent fixes approved by release mangler after the Tarball release, please
6.0 Release Wed 2024-02-28 Public release of Plasma 6.0

History of releases

6.0 series
Version Type Release Date Comments
5.90.0 (Plasma 6.0 Beta 1) Beta Wed 2023-11-29
5.80.0 (Plasma 6.0 Alpha) Alpha Wed 2023-11-08 Plasma Release Notes, Megarelease Announcement