Schedules/Plasma 6

There's currently no schedule for Plasma 6. However, it has been decided, that Plasma 5.27 will be the last release in the Plasma 5-series. After that, work on the first version of Plasma 6 will be the focus of the development. Plasma 5.27 will first be released in early 2023 and will receive bugfixes, likely at least until Plasma 6.0 has been released.

Work for porting Plasma and KDE Frameworks based on Qt6 has already started. If you're able to help, please have a look at the Phabricator Boards for KDE Frameworks 6 and Plasma 6.

A schedule for the first release of Plasma 6 will be added as soon as possible.

You can keep track of the progress of porting Frameworks and Plasma to QT6.

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