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SHA256 3287ffe0fbcc2d4aa1363f9e15747302d0b080090fe76e5f211d809ecb43f39a


  • Future-proof build fix for clang > 16
  • Allow build against Qt6 when also built against Qt5
  • Mark Qt6Core5Compat as REQUIRED for Qt6 builds
  • let the user opt out of qt 5 or 6 builds
  • bring back includes dir
  • build qt5 and 6 at the same time
  • be explicit about default values
  • fix build for qt6
  • Omit legacy CMake variables when building with Qt 6
  • fix build with clang-16
  • Don't install legacy includes when building against Qt 6
  • Allow to build against last kf6
  • Add Windows Qt 6 CI
  • Update the translations folder name
  • Don't redefine CMAKE_MODULE_PATH
  • .gitlab-ci.yml: enable static builds
  • Port away from deprecated INSTALL_TARGETS_DEFAULT_ARGS
  • Add FreeBSD Qt6 CI support
  • We depend against qt5.15 now
  • Add Windows CI
  • Add Android Qt5 and Qt6 CI
  • Take out empty deprecated registerMetaTypes() method in Qt6 builds
  • We need const char * (make compile qt6 apps)
  • Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps is enabled by default in qt6
  • Add Qt5 and Qt6 Linux CI
  • Fix the Qt6 build
  • Fix phonon lib name
  • Fix coding style + increase ecm
  • Adapt build system for building against qt6
  • Adapt code for building against qt6
  • Make it compiles without deprecated methods
  • Add KDE CI configuration for Phonon
  • Fix typos found by codespell
  • Update IRC network name in Doxygen main page
  • Allow to compile with unity support
  • Port away from deprecated Qt methods
  • Remove module prefixes from Qt includes
  • Port away from deprecated QList::swap(i, j)
  • Port away from deprecated qVariantFromValue()
  • Use Q_DECLARE_OPERATORS_FOR_FLAGS in same namespace as flags definition
  • Use more nullptr
  • Improve metainfo.yaml
  • Use NO_POLICY_SCOPE with KDECompilerSettings
  • Remove explicit use of ECM_KDE_MODULE_DIR, is part of ECM_MODULE_PATH
  • Remove "virtual" where "override" is used; add missing virtual in destructors
  • Revert "Port deprecated qVariantFromValue method"
  • Port deprecated qVariantFromValue method
  • bump to 4.11.1 for release
  • Remove phonon from the include directory
  • throw out the qml demo
  • import gpl2 for new settings source code
  • Reorder cmake macro includes

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