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SHA256 91250a38feb0adb62385ad9bacc0ea0e67bbba3e0ceb3c2111d83803fb52582e


  • New phononsettings application for advanced users to control PulseAudio device preference by-category and Phonon backend selection. This application is an advanced utility and you shouldn't need to visit it if you aren't very certain that something needs changing. This replaces the previously available System Settings module for Phonon.


  • The backends Phonon VLC 0.11+ or Phonon GStreamer 4.10+ are required to build with this version of libphonon! Older versions will no longer build because of aggressive clean up of legacy compatibility code in the build system.
  • Qt4 support has been removed. Qt5 is now the default. If you still need the Qt4 version for whatever reason it's recommended that you port to Qt5 quickly seeing as Qt4 is getting really long in the tooth. Since the Qt4 and Qt5 version are fully co-installable you can continue to uses 4.10 for Qt4 while using 4.11 for Qt5 should it be necessary.
  • CMake 3.5 is now required for building
  • Installation paths are now controlled by the KDEInstallDirs CMake include instead of the GNUInstallDirs one
  • CCFlag and CMake settings are now shared with other KDE software as per the extra-cmake-modules framework
  • PHONON_BUILD_DESCRIPTOR option no longer supported.
  • PHONON_BUILD_DECLARATIVE_PLUGIN option no longer supported. It made little to no sense on Qt5.
  • PHONON_INSTALL_QT_COMPAT_HEADERS option no longer supported. It made no sense on Qt5.
  • PHONON_NO_DBUS option no longer supported. The DBus interface was only used to communicate with the settings interface in Plasma, but hasn't been used in many years. This effectively removes QtDBus as dependency.
  • PHONON_ASSERT_STATES option no longer supported. The state machine is now always enabled unless Q_ASSERTs as a whole are disabled (i.e. the build is not a Debug-ish build).
  • PHONON_INSTALL_QT_EXTENSIONS_INTO_SYSTEM_QT option no longer supported. Replaced by ECM's KDE_USE_QT_SYS_PATHS.

Bug Fixes

  • The default preference of backends is now properly implemented. This was previously reversed.