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==Common activity==
==Common activity==
*[[Calligra/File_a_bug_or_wish|Reporting issues, wishes or bugs]] (quick link: {{BugReport|Kexi}})
*[[../File_a_bug_or_wish|Reporting issues, wishes or bugs]] (quick link: {{BugReport|Kexi}})
*[[Calligra/Download|Download Calligra]] to run it
*[[Calligra/Download|Download Calligra]] to run it
*What does testing mean?
*What does testing mean?

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Welcome! This is a Getting Started page for Kexi on the community.kde.org -- a wiki for developers and by developers. It's like a notepad and a planning board in one. You can create account there even now.

Good start is to visit Calligra page First Contact. This page is for entire Calligra Suite, but there are lots of general knowledge useful for Kexi development too.

If you're still looking for a cool task, just contact us! Many tasks are not documented here and we can adjust to your interests, capabilities and needs!

Ways to contribute

  • Tester
  • Developer
  • Promoter

Communication channels

See Contact.

Common activity

  • Reporting issues, wishes or bugs (quick link: Report bug or wish for Kexi)
  • Download Calligra to run it
  • What does testing mean?
    • Identifying crashes or misbehaviour
    • Locating places where Kexi is inefficient (e.g. for large data sets) or hangs
    • Checking particular functionality and proposing extensions, e.g. data importing functions
    • Comparing the application to the competition and identify the most desired features that Kexi currently lacks
    • Testing for usability, e.g. identifying functions that are hard to use or locate
    • Testing for accessibility, e.g. identify areas of the application that are not clearly visible on non-default color settings or cannot be used without mouse
    • Testing for localisations issues, including support for right-to-left languages, etc. (note: errors in translations to other languages should be reported to a particular translation team)
    • Locating errors in Documentation, Tutorials and Samples, report unclear or incomplete paragraphs, outdated or missing screen shots (the above note about translation teams also apply to translated documentation)

Specific for Developers

Specific for non-Developers

  • Starting: "I am not developer, I cannot or do not like to program. How can I help?"
  • For testing, possibly the newest Kexi version should be used
  • After starting Kexi for the first time, a new empty database can be created. Handbook (old) can be used to get information how to do this.
  • To test support for server databases, access to a server is needed. It can be the same computer as the used desktop or laptop machine, but database server software have to be installed on it. Users that lack knowledge on how to do this should ask someone (e.g. a network administrator) to do so.
  • Example databases on a database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL) useful to test server connections will be provided later after contributor provides a server space.
  • Beginner users may also want to use example database as a reference.

Other information

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