Frequently Asked Questions for the Calligra Suite.

This is work in progress. You can contribute to this page or request updates.

Why the Calligra name?

The roots of the name are in Calligraphy.

Release Plans

What are release plans?

See the Schedules page.

What features are planned

See the Schedules page.

Supported Platforms

What platforms are supported?

Calligra supports all operating systems that were supported by KOffice 2.3. This includes primarily Linux-based platforms and Unices.

Windows and Mac OS X. There are issues related to installation of the newest versions of KOffice (and thus Calligra) on Windows and Mac platforms. The Calligra community welcomes potential contributions in these areas.

Other platforms. With the release of KOffice 2.2, development has started on FreOffice, an application for the Maemo platform based on KOffice technologies. From now on, it will build upon Calligra's code base. Moreover, there are plans to support MeeGo tablets and/or mobile phones with customized user interfaces. Other mobile platforms may follow, including Android.


I am developer, how to contribute a patch?

Please see Contributing a Patch page.

If you feel that you are a beginner, consider taking one or more of our Junior Jobs, bits of work that the Calligra developers have identified as being pretty easy but that they still haven't got the time for.

I am not developer, I cannot or do not like to program. How can I help?

This is not a problem. You're welcome in the Calligra Community!

  • You can file a bug or wish. Many of the Calligra authors started this way!
  • You can join the Calligra Forum to help users or propose improvements.
  • You can translate the graphical interface to language you know. Just check if there's already translation for the language: go to the KDE Translators Center and contact proper coordinator. Please note that translations are not coordinated within the Calligra project but we can help if there's hard to understand term or definition.
  • You can contribute with documentation, tutorials or samples (e.g. for Kexi)
  • You can create a package for Linux/Unix distribution if you want. Just check if it's really missing. See the Download Calligra page.
  • Finally, you can advertise and advocate the Calligra Project and help everybody who know less than you about the application. For example you can blog your favourite Calligra apps or features or translate and spread announcements in your country. This really helps!

I need to send a test document, how to do it?

You may want to show us a document or file that does not work as expected with a Calligra app. There are four possibilities of sending the file:

  1. Attaching to a bug report - the recommended solution; the only overhead is to create a bug but the community will benefit from the open communication channel and good notifications about changes in the status
  2. Sending zipped to the mailing list - it's a problem that people will receive unwanted files (even if they are interested in Calligra, you know)
  3. Sending to a developer - but there will be that no archive of your file for other contributors to test
  4. Commiting to the Kexi git repository - increases of the size of the repository and requires extra skills

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