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*Porting to [[/Porting to Qt&KDE 4/|Qt & KDE 4]], to [[/Porting to Qt&KF 5/|Qt & KF 5]]
*Ports to [[/Porting to Qt&KDE 4/|Qt&KDE4]], [[/Porting to Qt&KF 5/|Qt&KF5]], [[/Windows/]], [[/Mac/]]
*Requirement Analysis:
*Requirement Analysis:
**[[/Functional Requirements/]]
**[[/Functional Requirements/]]

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Calligra           Current versions: stable=



3.1.0 Alpha

Welcome to the Kexi Development Wiki. Kexi is a visual database applications creator, part of the Calligra Suite.
This is a new wiki but the old one may offer some value too. See also: full archive of that wiki with images. We plan to migrate the old wiki but still have no time :)

→ Donate directly, sponsor feature you need: https://www.bountysource.com/teams/kexi


Kexi modules:


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