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Konqi at Akademy!

Akademy 2018 Home Page

In 2018 Akademy will be held at the University of Technology (TU Wien) in Vienna, Austria, from Saturday 11th to Friday 17th August.

Practical information

Food & Drink

Useful words in German

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions


Monday (13 August) BoF schedule

Tuesday (14 August) BoF schedule

Wednesday (15 August) BoF schedule

Thursday (16 August) BoF schedule

Friday (17 August) BoF schedule


At this year's Akademy, KDE offers several professional trainings to our contributors. Please enter your name in the corresponding page if you want to participate in one (at no cost to you!)

Nonviolent Communication

Online Fundraising and Campaigning

Documentation Writing

Smaller events

This is the space for smaller Akademy evening events, organized by the community. Including some recommendations by the local team. Days with an Akademy organized social event program are excluded :) Just add your idea/event to the corresponding section on the Wiki page.

Smaller Akademy Events

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