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Restaurants & Pubs

Close to the venue

This is only a small selection. There are many more options close to the venue.

  • Mensa (student cafeteria), TU Wien Freihaus, Wiedner Haupstraße 8 - 10, 1040 Vienna (inside the building, yellow area, 1st floor)
  • Salon Wichtig (soups, curries, mostly for take-away), Karlsgasse 22, 1040 Vienna (opposite of the venue)
  • Santos (mexican food), Favoritenstraße 4-6, 1040 Vienna
  • Riva (pizzeria), Favoritenstraße 4-6, 1040 Vienna
  • Gorilla Kitchen (burritos), Gußhausstraße 19, 1040 Vienna
  • Swing Kitchen (vegan burgers), Operngasse 24, 1040 Vienna


In typical restaurants and pubs you can expect the following medium price range:

  • Lunch menu: 7 € to 9 € (often including either a soup or desert)
  • Dinner: 8 € to 14 €
  • non-alcoholic drinks: 2.5 € to 3.5 € for 0.25 l (look for the drinks tagged with "Jugendgetränk", these are the cheapest non-alcoholic drinks)
  • Beer: 3.5 € to 4.5 € for 0.5 l beer
  • Wine: ?? (TODO: please someone fill this out, I'm not a wine drinker ;) )

Useful information

  • During summer some restaurants are closed. Check the website or other sources if you want to visit a specific restaurant.
  • In most restaurants you pay before you leave. Call the waiter/waitress and say "Zahlen bitte". They will bring you the bill and take your cash. It is uncommon to leave the money on the table.
  • Not every restaurant accepts cards, have some cash ready.
  • Tipping is common in Vienna and often expected. Common tips range from rounding up to the next note to 10 %, depending on how satisfied you are.
  • Either on the menu or on a seperate information, the restaurant has information what common food allergens are contained in each meal.


List of some common supermarket chains:

  • Billa
  • Spar, Spar Gourmet & Interspar
  • Hofer
  • Lidl
  • Merkur

Opening Hours

  • Monday till Friday until 07:30 pm (some until 08:00 pm)
  • Saturday until 06:00 pm
  • Sunday closed

Outside of this opening hours, only supermarkets at train stations are open, e.g. the Interspar-pronto at Wien Hauptbahnhof (open every day 6 am till 11 pm)

Closest supermarkets to the venue

  • Spar Gourmet, Gußhausstraße 21, 1040 Vienna (leave the venue, turn right, follow the street for 2 minutes)
  • Billa, Rilkeplatz 1, 1040 Vienna (leave the venue, go left to the bigger street, turn left into Wiedner Hauptstraße, follow that street for 4 minutes)

Useful Information

  • Most supermarkets also sell ready-made snacks or you can order a snack of your choosing at the deli counter


Whether you want some breakfast, lunch or a afternoon snack, the bakeries in Vienna have something for you. Most bakeries open a bit earlier than the supermarkets but also close earlier.

List of some common bakery chains:

  • Anker
  • Ströck
  • Der Mann

In the outer districts (10th - 23rd district) you also find many turkish bakeries, that often are also open on sunday.

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