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Kexi 2.3.1 will be released within KOffice 2.3.1

See also Kexi 2.3 release, Kexi 2.2 release, KOffice 2.3 Feature Plan, Kexi TODOs.

List of changes


  • Many memory leaks fixed (backported from Calligra 2.4)

Import & Export

  • Fix saving recently visited directories for source and destination database in the migration wizard (backported from Calligra 2.4 be2cb3495aa5872b6cca)
  • Don't crash if no table was selected to import (Bug #242556, backported from Calligra 2.4 47c4737a59ecd73533)

Database Access

  • Fix memory leak in multiargument expressions of any type (backported from Calligra 2.4 dc976421464d6746af7
  • Fix memory leak in query schema (backported from Calligra 2.4 3aced57359a0af12)
  • Fix memory leak in parser - lexer was not released (backported from Calligra 2.4 5694375f398e19d93f)
  • MySQL driver: add /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock to the list of possible local socket paths (backported from Calligra 2.4 39eab11f283d13eb6)

Missing or discontinued features in 2.3

See Missing or discontinued features in 2.3 for reference.

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